Saturday, April 7, 2007

Chocolate for Health: What to Buy & Where to Buy it

Step 1: You've heard the facts.
Step 2: You've read The Chocolate Therapist (
Step 3: You've realized your present chocolate plan is lacking in quality.
Step 4: Time to discover what to buy and where to buy it.

The internet will make your shopping time-practical, albeit a bit boring. A quick search of "dark organic chocolate" on Google yeilds no less than 1,280,000 options. Hone down to a sophisticated few and you've narrowed it to .000002%, listed below for your ultimate shopping convenience. Those who are paying for the top spots aren't always the best--they just have the most aggressive advertising budgets. A few "don't miss" sites below for the ultimate one-stop shopping.

Chocolate World:
Worldwide Chocolate:

For the more industrious chocolatier, a personal search of your neighborhood is in order. Your Rx: More exercise and quality chocolate. Dig out the penny loafers, the khakis and a white cotton shirt and hit the streets. You'll find an excellent selection at most of your natural health grocers, a few of which are listed below. Check the websites for exact locations and directions.

Whole Foods:
Wild Oats:
Cost Plus World Market:

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